Holiday Giving – Two Gifts for the Price of One!

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the cat lover in YOUR life?  Have we got a deal for you!

A great friend of the shelter donated some of her late mother’s cat collectibles to Cats Cradle and asked that they be sold to benefit the shelter cats.  This is a thoughtful and generous gesture in memory of a true cat lover and we are humbled to be chosen to benefit.

These items are being sold through Ebay for Charity, which is part of the regular Ebay operation…except, since our auctions are set up to direct 100% of the winning bid amounts to a charity (US!), Ebay is not charging any fees.  Isn’t that great?!

You can bid on (and hopefully win) a lovely cat collectible – most of them from Lenox – and give two gifts, the actual item and a letter from Cats Cradle acknowledging your contribution to our shelter.

We anticipate a cold winter and lots of kitties coming in with respiratory infections and frostbite injuries.  The auction funds will be earmarked to provide extra medical care for ill and injured cats.

We are spreading these auctions out over three weeks, four to five auctions per week.  All of the auctions will run 7 days, from Sunday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, and we are trying to schedule them so they all end about 15 minutes apart.  That way if you are watching auctions, lose out on one, and want to bid on the next one, you will have time to do it…but won’t have to spend all day at the computer.

We’ll try to post the items and auction times each week before the auctions start, so you have an idea of what is coming up!

The first set of auctions ended Sunday, Nov. 15 at 3:30 pm CST.  Thank you so very much to the bidders who raised $300 for our medical fund!

Only one item sold out of this second round, so the other three re-listed and are still available. Their auctions will now close on 11/28/15.

Please remember that when you purchase an item in an Ebay for Charity auction, 100% of your bid is donated to the shelter and we pick the cheapest shipping route available.  The starting bids are low compared to the value of the pieces, but we did need to put starting bids out there to make sure we don’t have $100 items going for $5 (the purpose of the donation was to raise money for the kitties, after all!)

The auctions, in order are an opaque blue art glass cat (5pm – got it relisted late); two handpainted cats in blue and green (3:30pm) and the five matching crystal cats (3:45pm).

Please take a look at our auctions and bid, bid, BID!!!  We’ve already had one critical care cat (Concrete Kelly), a dental emergency (Ginger Rogers- no relation to Fred),  and a  2-week-premature kitten (Fred Astaire)  since we started the auctions and we know more will need our help as winter closes in!

Week 2 No. 3 AJ3A4476Week 2 No. 4 AJ3A4493Week 2 No. 1 AJ3A4472

The third round of auctions started Sunday 11/22 at 3pm and ends on Sunday 11/28 starting at 3pm.

We have Black Jack, starting at 3pm CST; Chat D’Argent & Miss Chevious at 3:15pm; lead crystal salt and pepper shakers at 3:30pm; and a gorgeous china clock starting at 2pm (the clock works and has a new battery).

Week 3 No. 1 AJ3A4479Week 3 No. 2 AJ3A4485Week 3 No. 3 AJ3A4492Week 3 No. 4 AJ3A4506

Another donor has stepped forward with some more items and we will be auctioning those pieces over the next few weeks as well!