Adopter and CCS Support the Food Pantry

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and at Cats Cradle we are thankful for our amazing adopters!  One of our adoptive dads recently asked us if we would be interested in a shipment of 100  two-pound bags of Natures Recipe grain-free cat food that was within a couple months of the printed expiration date.  The food is still good, but he wanted to donate it rather than have it sit in a warehouse until it passed its expiration date.  Of course we agreed to take it!  Even though it’s not what we feed at Cats Cradle, we can move it along to others in need.

Wednesday night, he dropped off…. not 200 pounds of food…not 300 pounds….or even 400 pounds…

He donated just over 600 POUNDS of Nature’s Recipe cat food (apparently someone checked dates on more bags and he added them to his donation).  The food filled the bed and back seat of a standard pickup.  On Thursday morning, a Cats Cradle volunteer delivered most of the food to the Emergency Food Pantry to help cat-loving families in need.  The Food Pantry folks were super happy to get the donation as they always need pet supplies as well as people supplies.

So, now we’re inspired!!! We’d like to see if we can get Cats Cradle fans and supporters to donate cat food, dog food, and kitty litter to the food pantry.

To participate, simply purchase a bag of cat food, dog food, or kitty litter when you are doing your regular shopping.

  • You can drop your donation at the Emergency Food Pantry located at 1101 4th Ave N, Fargo (701-237-9337).  Their hours are Monday-Friday,  8am-12pm or 1pm-4pm.  If you donate directly to the food pantry, you will be asked to sign a donation sheet.  Please note that you are a Cats Cradle donor next to your name so we can track the donations.
  • OR you can bring the donation to Cats Cradle during our regular open house hours Tuesdays 4-7pm and Saturdays 12-5pm. One of our volunteers will take donations to the Food Pantry.  

Yes, Cats Cradle is a donor-supported organization and WE love holiday donations ourselves (really, really LOVE THEM!), but here’s the deal: Our mission is to create a more humane and compassionate world, one cat at a time…and sometimes that means we take advantage of opportunities to help other folks who are making the world a better place in their own way.  If we can support the Emergency Food Pantry, and they can support pet parents who are temporarily in tight circumstances, maybe the pets in those families can STAY with their families rather than being given up.  That saves Gail and the other area rescue staff from heart-breaking calls as people desperately try to rehome their pets because they are struggling to feed them for a month or two over the winter.  Please consider being part of this effort to help pets and their families !

You can purchase whatever food you like, wherever you like, but just to give you some ideas, you can find a 3.5 lb bag of Purina Cat Food* (the blue bag) for under $5.  A 16 lb bag of the same food costs about $13.  The food pantry will divide that into 3 smaller units to help three cat-families.  A 50 lb bag of Purina Dog Chow is under $25 and that will be broken into smaller units to help at least 4 dog-families.  Some manufacturers have online coupons, so check before you shop!

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