Medical Financial Aid

The following organizations may offer financial assistance with veterinary care:

  •  The Pet Fund ( or 916.503.0550): focuses on non-basic, non-urgent care for individuals who have had their pets for six months or longer 
  • Red Rover (, which offers financial assistance grants so pet caregivers can care for animals who need urgent veterinary care (through their relief grants program).
  • Onyx and Breezy Foundation (
  • Brown Dog Foundation ( – works with the clinic and the family to find the best, most affordable path to saving the pet. 
  • The Mosby Foundation ( provides financial assistance for non-routine medical care for sick, abused and neglected dogs; helps with cancer treatment costs, and assistance to low to moderate income families for spay/neuter services
  • Paws 4ACure ( provides financial assistance throughout the U.S. to those who cannot afford veterinary care
  • The Riedel & Cody Fund ( for pets facing cancer
  • Live Like Roo Foundation ( for pets facing cancer
  • The Magic Bullet Fund ( for pets facing cancer

Websites that have extensive lists of organizations that provide financial aid for vet care.  Please note, some of these funding organizations are specific to breed, location or illness.

Resources veterinarians and pet caregivers can access:

  • Scratchpay.com – an app with payment plan options. Since it is not a credit card, it does not affect credit scores.
  • Varidi: – enables businesses such as veterinarians to offer flexible payment options to their customers.
  • The AVMA Vet Care Charitable Fund: – provides financial assistance through veterinarians that apply on your behalf and are licensed AVMA members.
  • Care Credit: – offers people a credit card option to be used for medical treatment.
  • Waggle Foundation: – Ask your veterinarian if they are partners with Waggle. Waggle veterinary partners may be able to access the organization’s crowd funding platform.