• There are many ways to volunteer with the Cat’s Cradle Shelter.
    If you can commit to a few regular hours each week, you might like to try one of our cleaning crews. The shelter is cleaned twice a day by teams or individuals who come in to scoop litter boxes, administer medication, check food and water dishes, and engage in other housekeeping tasks around the shelter.  We want to maintain high standards of hygiene to keep our cats safe and healthy.
  •  If you cannot commit to a regular schedule, we have periodic fund-raisers and we need people who can serve food, help with registrations, work in a booth at an event, or help in other ways.  Fundraising is a very important part of what we do because we receive no subsidies from state or local government or from national agencies.
  • Periodically, we enter online contests where public voting can help us win a prize or donation….your vote could make a difference in whether we win or lose – so vote as much as you can and encourage your friends to do the same.
  • Publicity is also important to the shelter – pick up a poster of our cats to pin on a bulletin board at work, offer to put a donation box at your business, or just link to our Facebook page and share with all your friends.
  • We are always looking for foster families – volunteers that are willing to take a cat or kitten(s) into their home for extra attention or care.  Young kittens are almost always placed in foster homes because they require much more supervision and socialization than older cats. If you have would like some general information about fostering, please see the Petfinder articles at https://www.petfinder.com/animal-shelters-and-rescues/fostering-cats/what-is-cat-fostering/ or if you have specific questions, call us at 701-356-7877.
  • Do you have a special skill or talent that you would be willing to share?  The shelter is still a work in progress and in the future, we may need help with additional remodeling projects – keep watching the Facebook site and our website because we will post our “talent searches” as they become necessary.

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