Trouble Understanding Cats? These Facts and Trivia Might Be Useful

Thank you to our guest writer, Nikola Djordjevic!

How many times have you seen a YouTube video of a kitty doing funny things no one understands? Or not necessarily a video clip, but watching your own cat? This is nothing new—millions of people before you have asked themselves this same question.

Many scientists in the field of felinology (studies on cats) and cat owners have been trying to wrap their heads around cat behavior—and this is why we now have an abundance of fantastic stats, facts, and trivia about cats.

Kitties have been popular pets since the age of Egyptian pharaohs. Back then, they were worshiped as gods, and sure enough, not much is different in 2020. Now, they rule over our homes, lives, other pets, and, of course, our hearts, because they are absolutely irresistible.

Let’s not forget about the internet, though. Some cats are born to become celebrities online (dare we say ce-web-rities). Let’s face it—the people of the internet love cats. They easily become memes, like Nyan Cat, Bongo Cat, and the one to rule them all, the late Grumpy Cat. Of course, Reddit’s subreddit about cats is one of the largest communities to ever celebrate these creatures, with a whopping 1.8 million subscribers.

One thing is for sure—cats are amazing at training their owners, and it does not go both ways. While dogs see us giving them food and think “they give me food, they must be the generous overlords who love me,” cats’ brains likely entertain the thought of “they prepare food for me, they clean my litter box; I must be some sort of an overlord.” Our editors feel pretty much the same, and we can do nothing but adore these furballs.

Have we entertained you enough? Well, we got a lot more where that came from. We searched far and wide and gathered some of the most amazing, funny, weird, and useful facts and trivia to help this self-isolation feel a bit less monotonous. Bear in mind that your cat probably does not want you to know all this stuff. Keep on reading—our stunning infographic is just right below.