Introducing Cats To Other Cats

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Introducing a second cat to your home is really exciting and it can be fascinating to see how two cats interact when they meet each other for the first time. Introducing cats to one another can sometimes be tricky but there are some steps you can take to make the introduction run as smoothly as possible.

One cat grooming another cat

Separation Stage

Keep your cats separate and allow the new cat to get used to their safe room. You want both cats to be able to smell each other and hear each other before any face to face interactions. You can do this by feeding them both on opposite sides of the safe room door and by swapping their bedding regularly.

Two cat being fed at the same time

Visual contact

If your cats seem content to smell and hear each other through a door without any hissing or spitting then you can start to allow them to see each other. Some sort of barrier that they can see through works great here. Things that work well include a glass door or a cat carrier.

Two cats meeting for the first time through a glass door

If you use a cat carrier put both cats inside their carriers, lock the doors and face them just past directly opposite each other. You want them to be able to see each other but still be able to turn away and look elsewhere.

The goal here is to see how the cats react to each other. If your cats don’t hiss it may be time for proper introductions.

Full Contact

You can now allow your cats to meet under your supervision. When introducing a new cat to another cat it is normal if they hiss or avoid each other, so don’t be put off. Make sure there is an escape route out of the room in case either cat becomes too scared or aggressive.

Two cats meeting for the first time

Tips For Kittens

The introduction process will usually go much smoother with a kitten being introduced to an adult cat. The adult cat will instinctively know that they are meeting a baby and so be less likely to show aggression.

An adult cat lying down with two beautiful little kittens

When introducing kittens from different litters the process will again, usually go much smoother because they will be happy for a playmate to replace their siblings.