Guest Writer Blog – Nomi Berger

Nomi’s articles are located in the “BLOG” tab. A new article will be posted at least once each month. Thank you Nomi for all that you do to bring awareness to the animals and the rescue communities.

Nomi Berger is the best selling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her adopted Maltese, Mini, and volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA.

Nomi Berger

I was born, quite literally, with a pen in my hand. Words are my passion and were my profession. A Journalism graduate from the American University in Washington, D.C., I had, over the years, been a poet and best selling author, an advertising copywriter and PR director of a major hospital, a contributor to scores of journals and a public speaker on teen mental health issues.

As a child growing up in an extremely allergic household, we never had pets. As a woman with a highly successful career and an active social and cultural life, having a pet never crossed my mind – particularly after developing severe asthma to cats in my twenties! Then I tumbled head over paws for a rowdy Jack Russell terrier named Uggie in the 2011 Academy Award winning film “The Artist.” Don’t ask me why. Writers have no logical explanation for their obsessions, and Uggie, a rescue dog, became mine.

Suffering from fibromyalgia and severe spinal problems that had left me increasingly housebound, isolated and unproductive, I found myself fascinated by and envious of the unbreakable bond of loyalty and love that Uggie shared with his onscreen owner. It wasn’t long before I took my obsession, born of that envy, one step farther, surprising myself and everyone I knew by taking a huge leap of faith and adopting my own rescue dog – a petite 5.5 pound (hypo-allergenic) Maltese named Mini!


Within days of prancing, into my life, she redefined my life, and by week’s end, she became my life. Snuggling her small, velvety soft body dulled my pain, soothed me, and granted me some measure of peace, while her sweet presence filled the entirety of my apartment and provided me with constant, rare and reassuring company. I was stunned by the depth of my love for her. It was a love unlike any I had ever felt before. Fierce and protective. Exquisite and unconditional.

If not for Mini – and Uggie – I doubt I would have immersed myself in the world of animal rescue. But with my passion for words undimmed, I decided to volunteer my writer’s voice to anyone needing it. Thanks to the various guides and directories I discovered online, I began systematically emailing hundreds of query letters to DOG rescue organizations (as if the mere sight of a cat would trigger my asthma!) in Canada and the U.S. To my supreme delight, I found that many of the groups I approached not only needed but enthusiastically embraced my voice.

Thanks to cyberspace, I immediately became part of a world where tragedies were balanced by triumphs, and where the passion of volunteers was to save the lives of innocent dogs – the ailing, abused and abandoned, surrenders and seniors. Where empathy and selflessness, commitment and devotion knew no bounds. Where medical care, whatever the cost, was provided without question. Where “giving up” and “giving in” weren’t verbs in anyone’s vocabulary. Where, if the first adoptive home wasn’t an ideal match, there was always a second, and, if need be, a third … until, hopefully, each loving dog was placed in the loving fur-ever home he or she deserved.

As a professional, I was able to relieve these dedicated volunteers of the burden of writing, allowing them to focus their energies where they were needed most – on rescue. Included in what I wrote were articles for their websites, blogs and newsletters, adoptable dog bios, success stories and happy tails, press releases, texts for fundraisers and brochures, e-mail letters to supporters, appeals for sponsors and donors, volunteers and foster homes, and grants.

Within months, I began emailing scores of slightly modified query letters to CAT rescue organizations. And as ironic as it sounds, I currently write for more cat rescues than dog rescues – alternately grinning and tearing up at every sweet and sassy, beautiful and bewhiskered face I see. To say I’m completely and utterly besotted with them – albeit at a safe distance — would be an understatement.

And when I was asked to contribute articles to CATS Cradle Shelter, I was both humbled and honored. And more than excited to be able to help further one of their mission statement’s goals: to educate the community at large as to the proper and humane care of not only cats, but all animals.

Nearly six years and counting! I write all day every day, and I not only love it, I live for it. It excites and challenges me. But most importantly, it makes me feel useful.

Then, at the end of each day, there is Mini, always and fur-ever Mini.

Nomi & Mini