Kitten Palooza

Kitten Palooza – Come One, Come All!

It is time for the Cats Cradle Shelter’s Kitten Palooza to commence. Beginning Tuesday August 23rd our wonderful Corporate Sponsor, Overhead Garage Door of Fargo will sponsor 50% of the second kitten’s adoption fee for every pair of kittens adopted. We have around 100 kittens who are looking forever homes, and what could be better than adopting one kitten??? Well….Adopting TWO kittens, of course. If you are looking for some great entertainment, just sit back and watch a couple of cute little kittens wrestle and pounce around before snuggling up with you at bedtime. You won’t regret adopting a bonded pair that will bring you years of unconditional love. 

Stop by and we will work hard to make the PURRfect match for you and your family.