Help Supergirl get her super powers back!

A Fundraiser has been set up for Supergirl,  a four-month old kitten who was surrendered to a local veterinarian with bruised lungs,  an an inguinal hernia, and a herniated colon: life-threatening   injuries consistent with being squeezed or crushed.  Initially, there was no one to take responsibility for paying for her surgery, but the veterinarian thought she had a good chance of recovery.   Cats Cradle agreed to give her  a fighting chance.

She had surgery and is currently on bed rest in her personal Fortress of Solitude  and will be keeping a low profile for the next few weeks.  If all goes well, she will be faster than a speeding bullet and leaping tall buildings in a single bound by the middle of August.



If you would like to pull on your own superhero cape and help this brave little girl, please click on the Fundraiser link to go to the Giving Grid set up in her honor.  If you are unable to donate at this time, we’d appreciate you sharing her story with your cat loving friends (via social media or email).