Black & White Cats

Cats with black and white coloring, long- or short-haired, actually are black with a white overlay caused by a masking gene. *A cat that is approximately half black and half white is called a bicolor or particolor. *If he's all white apart from black markings on his head and tail, he can be called a "van." *If he's … Continue Reading ››

Giving Hearts Day is THIS WEEK

Mark your calendars....Thursday February 11, 2016 is Giving Hearts Day. Cats Cradle Shelter has been invited to participate in this ONE DAY online fundraiser. Dakota Medical Foundation presents this wonderful event annually and has raised over 6 million dollars for non-profit charities.  Every Cats Cradle Shelter donation of $10 or more will be matched up … Continue Reading ››

Tax Time

TO OUR FRIENDS. Cats Cradle Shelter has mailed out the IRS donor forms. If you have donated over $250 in calendar year 2015 and do not receive a letter, or if there is a discrepancy in the total amount, PLEASE email or message Cats Cradle. We try very hard to be accurate, and do not … Continue Reading ››