How Cats Say “I LUV U”

Thank you to our guest writer Nomi Berger! If only cats spoke “human.” But then, as cat guardians, you’d be missing out on all the other ways your favorite felines say, “I love you.” If you recognize any or all of the behaviors listed below, consider yourself one much … Continue Reading ››

BeBe’s New Wheels

BeBe's wheels have ARRIVED. Look at her GO!!! This is her first try using her wheelchair and she motored around with so much joy. The height adjustments can be made as we go so her feet don't drag but the idea is to get her motivated, mobile and build strength in those back legs. Dr. … Continue Reading ››


Today was Mavis's 2day re-check with our Veterinarian, Dr. Charly Stansbery. She has already shown small signs of improvement which gives us great hope that she can recover. Mavis is staying with a CATS Cradle Shelter foster mom, Pam and her family just a couple of miles away from Dr. Charly's Vet clinic. This way … Continue Reading ››