October Fundraiser

Hi everyone,

We have a FANTASTIC Fundraiser going the entire month of October.  Lori Pasternack is a Scentsy consultant and she is donating not 10%, not 15%, not 20% but she is donating 100%, yes, you read that right…ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of her commissions for the entire month of October to Cats Cradle Shelter.  Just as an example, her last fundraiser, she sold $2,400 worth of product and donated $1,200 to the charity.

I need all of your help because I would sure like to beat her last fundraiser.  Our goal is to make $3,000 in sales.  If you are like me, you may have heard of Scentsy, but never tried any of their products.  NOW is the time.  Scentsy makes so many products from wax melts and warmers, essential oils, laundry products, lotions, etc.

Please check out our fundraiser page on Facebook of just go to Lori’s website (link below) to look for products.  She has some great clearance items on sale right now as well.

I would sure appreciate of you could invite your friends by sharing our Facebook event page, just type Cats Cradle Scentsy Fundraiser in your Facebook search bar or type loripasternack.scentsy.us to find the page and share it on your social media.  Don’t forget to tell your friends that Lori is donating 100% of her commission to CCS.

To help during this fundraiser the month of October 2017, please go to https://loripasternack.scentsy.us and select the fundraiser party while shopping. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you.